Even on the heels of the Golden Globes celebrating TV and film, we are heading back to Broadway in this episode. We kick off the opening of 2018 with an episode on…opening numbers! We rank our top five favorites and you might actually be surprised by both of our number ones! Take a listen and let us know your favorite opening numbers in the comments section or on Twitter at @rankophiles.

Okay, okay – so we’re a little late to the Tonys party. We recorded this one before the awards ceremony, but we knew that the tear-inducing “Dear Evan Hansen” would be the big winner of the night – and it was. So to celebrate, we invited one of our wives back on to help us rank the saddest songs ever to grace the Broadway stage. We’re sorry it took us a while to finally post it, but it’s our podcast and we can cry if we want to. Break out your box of tissues and let us know which Broadway tunes left you crying! Tell us in the comments section or tweet us at @rankophiles.

We’ve made it to 20 episodes, so it’s high time we introduce you to our better halves. Our lovely wives, Alison and Alison, join us for this episode as we dive back into the world of musical theatre and rank our top five favorite male-female duets from a musical. With marriage you can usually expect aggressive agreement, but not when it comes to ranking, and especially not when it comes to musical theatre. Four very different lists emerge, but even still there’s room for more suggestions. Let us know your favorites in the comments section or tweet us at @rankophiles.

We’re back, and this time with twice the rankings! In Episode 10, we make two lists as we rank our top movies that we would like to see turned into musicals and vice versa (which would make an awesome musical by the way – Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage anyone?) We basically pitch our ideas of films and shows for Broadway and Hollywood to produce. I’m sure they’re listening. We’re sure you’ve got some good ideas of your own! Which movies would you like to see become musicals? What Broadway shows should make their way to the big screen? Let us know in the comments section or tweet us at @rankophiles.

We love theatre. We love singing. We love harmonies. We’re two guys. It’s only logical for us to rank our top five male duets from a musical. You may be surprised to see what makes our list (we cover both classic and contemporary choices!) and what we’ve left off (hint: the less miserable the better). What do you think of our choices? Did we get the order right? Let us know in the comments section or tweet us at @rankophiles.

Episode two is here, and with a brand new intro and theme song. This time around, we’re talking Broadway theatre! With Hamilton dominating the Tony Awards this year and leaving behind all other musicals from this season, we took a look at Tony history and ranked our top five shows that lost the Best Musical award. Along the way, we reveal a few shows that we absolutely hate. Which musicals are on your list? Let us know in the comments section or tweet us at @rankophiles.