We love theatre. We love singing. We love harmonies. We’re two guys. It’s only logical for us to rank our top five male duets from a musical. You may be surprised to see what makes our list (we cover both classic and contemporary choices!) and what we’ve left off (hint: the less miserable the better). What do you think of our choices? Did we get the order right? Let us know in the comments section or tweet us at @rankophiles.

One thought on “Episode 6 – Male Duets from a Musical

  1. ANYTHING in Kiss of the Spider Woman, though it is a bit of a cheat I suppose since most of their music is individual music that ends opposing one another.
    I’m not the biggest les mis fan, but I defend that Confrontation absolutely deserves its place… you’re killing me smalls!

    And whoop whoop to the female JoJo’s in the universe (all pun intended).

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