It’s another “very special episode” of Rankophiles. This week Michael says “I’m out!” and takes a break while Bryan invites an expert friend to join the fun. We welcome a special guest – the amazing and awesome Richard Seroter – to discuss a favorite TV show of his (and Bryan’s). Yada yada yada. We’re talking about Seinfeld of course! Bryan and Richard rank their top five favorite catchphrases and characters from the legendary television series. Nine seasons of gloriously brilliant comedy to choose from. What Seinfeld stuff do you love? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter at @rankophiles.

Since October is the debut month of both Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show and also his birthday, we decided to honor the man who decidedly invited only his top picks over to the couch. So in Episode 8, we take on the impossible task of ranking our top five favorite stand-up comedians of all time! We might actually have needed one extra slot for an extra special comic, but that’s okay since we make our own rules. There’s no doubt we missed talking about some truly great comedians (we’ve already thought of some since we recorded this episode), so let us know who your favorites are! Post in the comments section or find us on Twitter at @rankophiles.